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How to Lock or Unlock your Aadhaar Card Biometrics Online

How to Lock or Unlock your Aadhaar Card Biometrics Online

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India, which issues the 12-digit identity number based on biometrics-based data.

Now UIDAI Aadhaar Portal have option with which you can easily lock or unlock your Aadhaar Biometrics Stored in UIDAI Database. This is to protect privacy and confidentiality of Resident’s Biometrics Data. Once you get enrolled for Aadhaar Card you biometrics details are captured like you’re both eyes iris scan, finger prints, and your photo. So these all biometrics details can be locked from accessing.

So how to lock or unlock your Aadhaar Card Biometrics Online you will get to know by following below step:-

1- To lock  your Aadhaar Card Biometrics Online visit website


Aadhar card biometric lock2- Fill up your 12 digit UID Aadhaar Number and enter the security code as displayed in the image, click on generate OTP (One Time Password).

Aadhar card

3- The OTP will be sent through an SMS to the registered mobile phone number, and the OTP must be entered on the same page and click login button.

Aadhar card 4- Now again enter security code and click enable button.

Aadhar card

Finally Aadhar card biometric data (Eyes iris scan, Finger prints) is locked and again to unlock the biometric you will have to follow same process and click on unlock biometric.

After locking biometrics if a UID is used for invoking any of the authentication services using a biometric modality (Fingerprint/Iris) a specific error code ‘330’ indicating biometrics are locked will be displayed.




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