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How To Send Games And Apps On WhatsApp

Send Games And Apps On WhatsApp

How To Send Games And Apps On WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced some features recently which included sending of document files (.pdf, .txt and .doc), any other file were not supported but I will show you a method to send any kind of file, app or game on your Android to anyone on your contact on WhatsApp.

Send Apps On WhatsApp

Send APPS, Games on Whatsapp, also send all Document file on Whatsapp. Follow the step:-
  1. First of download Es File Manager From Playstore
  2. Now take backup of app or game on Es File Manager which you want to share on WhatsApp.
  3. Now locate the backup app. You can find backup app in Internal Storage > backups > apps
  4. Now long press the apk file and click on rename option.
  5. Now remove apk extension and put txt and rename it.
  6. Now the apk file looks like text file.
  7. Long press the txt file and click on more option and tap on Share.
  8. Now you will see whatsapp option.
  9. Click on WhatsApp option and share the file with any WhatsApp contact.
  10. After sending the file say your friend to rename .txt with .apk
  11. To rename txt file open Es file manager go to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Document.
  12. Here you will find txt file, now log press the txt file and rename it to apk .

Now your friend can install apk file which was sent by you on WhatsApp.

Follow the process of sending apk file as shown in the video…

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