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Top 20 Best Free Math Software you should know

Top 20 Best Free Math Software you should know:-

Math Software helps you to learn mathematics and solve complex mathematical problems easily. Here are 20 best free math software you should know. All these math software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. you can learn to draw different types of geometrical shapes and guides with complex math topics like calculus, vectors, statistics, linear programming, probability and more, while these programs also help younger children with basic math problems. These applications not only solve your mathematical problems effortlessly but also help you learn the subject deeper and better.

1- Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft MathematicsMicrosoft Mathematics is a free software offered by Microsoft which provides a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving and useful tools to help students with math and science studies. It also helps them to solve a complex equation in a step by step manner.
It also helps you to get fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus.

2- Photomath


It is one of the most useful and awesome android app. Solve complex math equations and large calculations by just taking a Picture via this app. It supports quadratic equations and inequalities problems also. You can also check the history of past solved math problems by the app. Add to it, it also gives steps of solving the problem.

3- Math Editor

Math EditorMath Editor is a free math software. With the help of this freeware you can create mathematical equations with various symbols such as Cyrillic, alpha, beta, Greek symbols, square root, integrate easily and quickly. It supports TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG and PNG formats. This freeware is very useful for creating mathematical equations on your PC.


MAXIMAAnother open source software and developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Maxima is an algebra solver for your computer. The program is based on Computer Lisp and works with all POSIX platforms such as Linux, Unix, OS X and BSD. For drawing it uses Gnuplot. Maxima specializes in symbolic operations while it helps you with integers and rational numbers or floating numbers. It helps generate codes in other languages much efficiently. Requires internet connectivity to run.

5- SpeQ Mathematics

SpeQ MathematicsSpeQ Mathematics is a free math software for your computer. With the help of this freeware you can easily learn math and solve complex problems in mathematics. It has inbuilt support for a wide variety of variables, constants and mathematical functions. SpeQ Mathematics also lets you define functions and custom variables. You can also solve problems of trigonometry by using this freeware.

6- Euler Math Toolbox

Euler Math ToolboxNot just basic mathematical problems, but Euler Math Toolbox also helps you to solve any complex problems efficiently. This free math software can perform several different mathematical calculations like, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction to calculus functions, algebra, matrices and more. The chief idea behind this free software is provide everybody with a versatile tool that can help you solve almost all kind of mathematical problems.

7- SageMath

SageMathSageMath is free mathematical software with features of mathematics, including algebra, numerical mathematics, combinatorics, number theory, and calculus. It can be used to study general and advanced, pure and applied mathematics.
It combines various software packages and seamlessly integrates their functionality into a common experience.

8- XFunc

XFuncXfunc is a free math software for your computer. With the help of this freeware you can solve math problems easily. By using this software you can write various types of equations in mathematics solve them and also see their solutions. You can utilize various functions to make different mathematical expressions with the help of Xfunc.

9- Math Solver

Math SolverFrom adding up numbers, to solve even the complex mathematical problems, Math Solver is a fantastic program for your assistance. This free software also lets you draw a graph based on the solution and delivers detailed information about the graphical representation. Additionally, it features a huge library of constants and functions. The fact that Math Solver stores all your previously added interpretations, they become useful for your future reference.

10- Scilab

ScilabScilab is an open source math software, It is a cross-platform and numerical computational package and is a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. Like Matlab, Excel, or GNU Octave, it is used for numeric computing. It includes hundreds of mathematical functions and provides a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.

11- CompliCalc

CompliCalcCompliCalc is a free mathematical software. With the help of this freeware you can solve complex mathematical problems easily and quickly. This freeware also includes various functional and algebraic calculators. CompliCalc lets you perform a wide variety of operations such as calculate square root, factorial, discount and distance. To use this freeware you need to specify the task you want to perform on the main interface of this freeware.

12- Geogebra

GeogebraGeogebra is a free math software. With the help of this freeware math teachers can teach mathematics and math students can learn mathematics. This freeware provides a sound platform to math students to learn math and solve mathematical problems of various topics such as linear programming, complex numbers, vectors, probability, discrete mathematics, calculus, statistics, algebra, functions and graphs, geometry etc.

13- Axiom

AxiomDeveloped by IBM, Axiom is an open source algebra system for your PC that features a compiler, a computer commentator and a library for your assistance. This software uses the literate programming process during the source code and highlights the “30 Year Horizon”. Among its features are its “type interface” and heuristic algorithm that eliminates the need for certain types of glossaries. It helps you to create 2D or 3D graphics with additional features like lighting and rotation using the “HyperDoc”.

14- Tibi’s Mathematics Suite

Tibi’s Mathematics SuiteGeoEnzo is a math software specially build for mathematics teachers. With the help of this freeware mathematics teacher can teach geometry to math students. This freeware lets you easily draw various types of geometrical shapes such as cone, triangle, circle, cube, line and many more. This freeware is very useful for teaching geometry to math students.

15- Math Mechanixs

Math MechanixsMath Mechanixs is a free software targeted for those who are into advanced mathematics or physics studies. It works more as a Math Editor that lets you type in the mathematical interpretations just as you would jot them down on a piece of paper. The multiple document interface of the application allows you to work on several different solutions at the same time. Track defined functions and variables conveniently with the feature packed scientific calculator that includes an extremely beneficial window with the integrated functions and variables. Additionally, it also lets you generate some really cool 2d and 3D mathematical diagrams. Label data points, translate graph, zoom or rotate the graphs as per your requirement.

16- MathForChild

MathForChildMathForChild is a free math software for your computer. With the help of this freeware your kids can learn mathematics easily. MathForChild will teach various math operations such as multiplication, subtraction and addition to your kids. This software is very useful for kids as they can learn and explore mathematics easily and develop problem solving skills.

17- Math-A-Maze

Math-A-MazeMath-A-Maze lets you learn mathematics through a maze game where you have to make your way through the maze that consists of numbers and mathematical functions. You have to start from the left-hand column and go through the right-hand column. However, to track the correct path you have to follow the final sum that is mentioned on the right end of the game field (anywhere from 1 to 8). The way through the maze will pick up the required amount of equations whose totals are evidently the same as the final total shown on the right end. The mazes are randomly produced with unlimited number combinations and the board size vary from 4by4 upto 8by8 for all difficulty levels.

18- JXCirrus Maths

JXCirrus MathsJXCirrus Maths is a free math software to learn mathematics. This freeware is specially created for small children to learn math in a exciting and fun way. With the help of this freeware you can easily create easy and basic exercises in math for your children. JXCirrus Maths teachs your children basic math operations such as division, multiplication, subtraction and addition.

19- TuxMath

TuxMathTuxMath is a completely different genre that makes mathematical learning fun with its gaming functionality. It is an open source and free math learning software for kids that help them to learn mental arithmetic by playing with the flying moon rocks which are in reality are space multiplication, division, and subtraction. All they have to do is find the answers and destroy them. This math game combo software is developed for kids between 7-13 years of age and offers them a host of missions that need calculations.

20- TalkingMath

TalkingMathTalkingMath is a free math software for your children. With the help of this freeware your kids can learn mathematics easily and quickly. This freeware also supports audio mode. TalkingMath works in 3 different modes such as timer, standard and interactive mode. TalkingMath lets you perform various types of mathematical calculations such as division, multiplication, subtraction and addition.


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